Rema says, "I love DonJazzy so much, and I don't think I tell him enough". Don Jazzy Responds

I love DonJazzy so much, I don’t think I tell him enough – Rema says, Don Jazzy reacts

After his signee Rema professed his affections for him in a recent interview, legendary Nigerian record producer and executive, DonJazzy replied.

Rema discussed his relationship with his boss DonJazzy during an interview with the Afrobeats Podcast.
Rema confessed that he adores DonJazzy dearly and regrets that he is unable to communicate his feelings for and admiration for him.

DonJazzy responded to Rema’s revelation by posting the video with the following caption:

“Aww, who is here chopping onions, o. I also overlove you. I’ll go watch the entire interview on YouTube now. And you ought to. Rema is someone from whom we may always learn a thing or two.
Here is a link to the video: