Singer, Flavour N'abania Advises Men Never To Ask Whether A Lady Is Single or Not

Singer, Flavour N’abania Advises Men Never To Ask Whether A Lady Is Single or Not

Never ask a lady if she’s single — Singer Flavour

Famous Nigerian Singer, Flavor N’abania, as of late took to his social media page to give a free wooing tip to his fellow men.

The ‘Ukwu‘ singer encouraged men to stop from asking the ladies they like as to whether they are single or not.

As indicated by the vocalist, on the off chance that she loves you, she will be single.

In the most natural sounding way for him, Mr. Flavour captioned on his Instagram;

“Never ask her if she’s single. If she likes you, she’ll be single”

Flavor, in an interview with TV Presenter Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, recounted his breakthrough moment in 2005 when the Chief Executive Officer of Alaba-based Obaino music, Chris Obaino, offered to advertise and distribute his album.

The debut album, N’abania, which he later battled a little war to get the concurred advance royalties of ₦3.5m (€7190), which stayed neglected a while after the album was delivered. He expressed that it was a horrendous encounter. In his words,

“It was a terrible experience.”

After so many years, and of course the inception of streaming services, the Highlife singer can brag about being one of the most commercially successful vocalists in the country.