Singer Omah Lay: "Leaving University Was A Difficult Decision" (Video)

Omah Lay, a well-known stage name for Stanley Omah Didia, a phenomenal singer and songwriter from Nigeria, has admitted that he left school to concentrate on music.

The singer of “understand” revealed this in a recent interview, claiming that although it was a challenging decision at the time, it ultimately paid off.

He said that he had to leave school after only six months of a degree program because he was having trouble paying his fees and wanted more time to learn how to make music.

He claimed that after initially having second thoughts about his decision, things started to fall into place, and he became even more engrossed in his love of music.

Omah Lay revealed that he has recently experienced some challenging moments in other news.

“Dropping out of University was a hard choice” – Singer Omah Lay (Video)

Omah Lay expressed how difficult the last few months have been for him in a quiet, tearful video that he posted online. He also thanked everyone who has supported him during this time.

He claims that in order to thank them for their support, he chose to release the video and be honest about his experience.

The musician battled back tears in the video as he professed his love and thanked all who have supported him during this trying period.