Social Influencer Slammed For Posing Close To Dead Father's Coffin To Get Instagram Likes

Piers Morgan criticizes social influencer heavily for posing close to dead father’s casket to get instagram likes © AccurateGist

Piers Morgan slams ‘distasteful’ influencer posing next to dead dad for Instagram likes

Piers isn’t one to mince his words

Piers Morgan did not keep down as he reprimanded an influencer to be reckoned with for posing next to her dad’s dead body in an image posted to Instagram.

The former Good Morning Britain presenter in his latest column tore into Jayne Rivera, 20, who uploaded photographs of herself standing before her late father’s open casket.

Jayne has since erased the pictures and deactivated her Instagram account, letting NBC News know that while she ‘understood’ the awful reception, she published them ‘with the best intentions in a manner my dad would have approved with had he been alive’.

‘There’s something so utterly and repellently distasteful about a young woman exploiting her father’s dead body for “likes” as he literally lies dead behind her,’ Piers despised.

‘Jose Antonio Rivera, 56, was a war veteran whose heroic service to his country alone demanded that his death be greeted with the utmost respect and dignity.

‘Instead, he became a trashy tool for a daughter whose addiction to social media and seeking attention and praise from strangers over-rode any sense of basic common decency.’

Social Influencer heavily slammed for posing for Instagram likes on her father's casket

Jayne Rivera postured for pictures before her father’s open coffin (Picture: Instagram) © AccurateGist

Jayne let NBC on Wednesday know that she had buckled down for eight long years building her audience.

‘People from the outside judge a book by its cover without stopping to understand the intentions or underlying meanings of the book,’ she continued. ‘There is nothing wrong with what I posted, and I stand by that.’

Piers seethed on Mail Online:

‘What “underlying meaning” could there possibly be to such awful, shockingly inappropriate and offensive imagery?’

He proceeded to say that he doesn’t detest her for what she did however rather has pity for her.

‘To crave the validation of tens of thousands of complete strangers so badly that you don’t care how woefully disrespectful you are towards your own father as he literally lies dead behind you is a stunning breakdown of values,’ he wrote.

Piers later doubled down on his views on the matter when AA Gill’s daugher Flora Gill called attention to that she ought to have the option to lament anyway she needs without getting nagged.

‘Oh please,’ he retorted. ‘If you post photos of yourself preening by your father’s open coffin for Instagram ‘likes’, you’re inviting criticism for such horrible disrespect.’

Jayne Rivera postured for pictures before her father's open coffin © AccurateGist

Jayne Rivera gave a picture pose before her father’s open coffin © AccurateGist