Squid Game: Netflix To Alter Series Following Reports of Persistent Attacks and Criticisms

Squid Game: Netflix to edit series following reports of harassment

The business woman and financial specialist from Seongju, South Korea, let newsmen know that since the premiere of the series which debuted on the streamer, she has gotten huge number of calls and texts from fans getting some information about the repulsiveness rivalry and horror competitiveness.

Kim Gil-young shared that this was a number that she has been utilizing for over ten years, so she was very shocked. There were in excess of 4,000 numbers that she had wanted to erase from her phone. At first she never had a clue why, yet my friend let her know that her number turned out in ‘Squid Game‘ and that was the point at which she understood.

“This is a number that I’ve been using for more than ten years, so I’m quite taken aback. There are more than 4,000 numbers that I’ve had to delete from my phone,” Kim Gil-young shared. “At first I didn’t know why, but my friend told me that my number came out in ‘Squid Game’ and that’s when I realized.”

Reports further uncover that Gil-young turned down remuneration offers of up to 5,000,000 won (£3 million).

Netflix and local production company Siren Pictures affirmed on Wednesday that the telephone number in one of the scenes which shows up on a strange invitation card given to potential players in the series will be altered.

“Together with the production company, we are working to resolve this matter, including editing scenes with phone numbers where necessary,” Netflix shared in a statement.

‘Squid Game’ is strangely set to break a significant record on Netflix as the most watched series on the streamer. Last month, the terrifying hyper-savage series showed up on the support of critical acclaim and basic praise.