The Motivation Behind Why Adele's Album Names Are Consistently Numbers

The Reason Why Adele’s Album Names Are Always Numbers

Social media is making a major Adele about her new song.

Rumors from far and wide suggest that Adele is at last dropping some new music.

The vocalist broke her extended break to make proper acquaintance by tweeting a mystery trailer for a shiny new single, Easy On Me.

Adele fans are trusting that the new single could mean that another album is simply around the corner –with her past album, 25, coming out seemingly a Million Years Ago.

The new melody assortment is accepted to be called 30, yet for what reason does Adele number her albums? Is it to do with her age?

We’re here to respond to every one of your questions so you don’t need to Roll In The Deep web.

How old is Adele?

Adele was conceived as Adele Laurie Blue Adkins on May 5, 1988 – making her 33 years of age.

She was brought into the world in Tottenham, London, to English mother, Penny Adkins, and Welsh dad, Marc Evans.

To check her thirty-third birthday celebration, the Skyfall singer posted some uncommon snaps on her Instagram account, which she captioned ‘Thirty free‘.

She transferred a highly contrasting photograph of herself grinning without cosmetics, before a snap of herself partaking in a dip in the ocean.

The third sees the star wearing a lovely dress as she looks behind the scenes.

Why are the names of Adele’s album numbered?

Names of Adele’s album mirror the age she was the point at which she thought of them.

Her debut was named 19, the follow-up was called 21, and her third was called 25.

In a interview with Beats1 in 2015 hosted by Zane Lowe, he jested that Adele was too youthful to even consider lying about her age.

Adele clarified that the album ages and her names never fully agreed, saying:

‘I was 20 when 19 came out. I was 23 when 21 came out. I am 27. And so proud of being 27, thanks very much.’

She then, at that point, disclosed that she may get rid of her procedure for naming albums after her age, saying:

‘I think this will be my last age one. I’m sure I’m wrong with this but I feel there’s been a massive change in me in the last couple of years.’

Adele added: ‘I think the next one will probably be called Adele. It will be, I’m not joking.’

So will Adele’s new album be named 30, 33, Adele, or something completely different?

We will stand tall and face it all together, regardless.

What do you believe Adele’s new album will be called?

  • 30
  • 33
  • Adele
  • Something different!