Tyler Perry Terminated Accountant When He Discovered IRS Owed Him $9 Million

Tyler Perry told stories at the 2022 Earn Your Leisure Conference about his tax-filing inadequacies. He described how these flaws had previously caused him to make several financial errors.

He allegedly said,

“Money isn’t something that I possessed, and nobody taught me that taxes had to be paid.” “I didn’t attend college, but the mistakes I made more than paid for Harvard.”

Tyler Perry Fired Accountants After Learning IRS Owed Him $9 Million

The scriptwriter recruited a team of accountants to audit his financial statements so he wouldn’t make any mistakes in the future. This auditing procedure ended up taking three years, which is far longer than it should have. The 53-year-old became extremely stressed after spending a significant sum of money.

He explained to the audience that the audit took three years to complete. “I am getting so angry and upset as I spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on accountants for the audit. “Why the f*ck is this happening?” “What’s that?” And in my aggravation, I came to the realization, “Wait a minute, there’s something to learn here.” Watch it from a distance while you relax.

Perry’s audit ultimately comes to a conclusion. The verdict? He owed $9 million to the IRS.

“Oh my God, isn’t it wonderful?” exclaimed all of my accountants as they came running. Isn’t that wonderful? Perry informed the group of people. I respond, “No, h*ll no!” How did you overlook my $9 million payment? I eventually had to cease filing my taxes through H&R Block.

Tyler Perry is one of a select group of entertainers who have actually gotten money from the IRS, however he is not the only one to have experienced tax issues.