Westlife's Shane Filan Expresses Gratitude Toward Ed Sheeran For Number One Comeback

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Westlife’s Shane Filan thanks Ed Sheeran for number one comeback

Westlife returned in 2019 following a seven-year break

Westlife’s Shane Filan has credited Ed Sheeran for making their comeback such a triumph, and conceded that having him included in their main album has ‘opened doors’ for the group.

The Flying Without Wings hitmakers got back to music in 2019 after a seven-year break, and dropped the single Hello My Love, co-composed by Sheeran and Steve Mac.

Sheeran additionally composed a few different tunes on the Irish group’s comeback album Spectrum, which arrived at number one in the UK and Ireland – not very ratty for a more established group that had been away for just about 10 years.

Off the rear of this, Westlife had the option to perform to stuffed out crowds of nostalgic fans at London’s Wembley and Croke Park in Dublin.

Speaking to Metro about their great comeback, Shane said:

‘That success maybe gave us the confidence for this album to start again and give them more music.

‘It definitely made us realise our fanbase are still there and maybe even more, we sold more tickets at the last gig than we ever did on tour. Our album was number one, it was a big confidence boost for us after seven years of being away.’

Thankful that they’re ready to in any case resonate with music lovers after over twenty years, Shane said:

‘Bands come and go and you do wonder if you’re relevant anymore.

‘Having Ed Sheeran involved on the first album back… it made us realise well if he’s a fan and he likes our music, then there’s no reason why we can’t be encouraged and sit in the charts beside him and he was the most successful current artist in the world at the time, so even that gave us a boost.

Ed can give himself a congratulatory gesture

‘It brought us back to life again musically and we found our sound again.

‘We’ve got lots to thank Ed Sheeran for that reason. It’s opened up lots of doors now on this album.’

Westlife, likewise comprising of Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan and Mark Feehily, are back again with their most recent album, Wild Dreams, which components live accounts of their greatest hits and was partly inspired by the demise of Shane’s parents who kicked the bucket a year ago.

Anticipating the following part of Westlife post-pandemic, Shane said:

‘It’s going to be so exhilarating to be back on-stage again and just to be with the fans and I’m sure they’re excited too.’

Westlife’s new single, Starlight, is out now, while their album Wild Dreams will be out on November 26.