Trevor Noah Talks About Leaving "The Daily Show" and His Future Plans

Trevor Noah and Kanye West have been at odds for several years. Throughout his career, Ye’s antics have played out on social media, and the most recent wave has hurt his finances just as his business relationships are starting to fall apart. Trevor Noah is one of many people who have criticized Kanye West for his actions, but the talk show host maintains that they do not have a “fight.”

The Daily Show frequently publishes “Between The Scenes” clips of Trevor Noah interacting with or responding to members of his live audience. Recently, one of these audience members asked him, “Why you beefin’ with Ye?”

What Trevor Noah Had To Say About Beef With Kanye West

Trevor Noah Refutes Claims He Has Beef With Kanye West

“Why are Ye and I fighting? The audience laughed and gasped in amazement as Noah continued, “That’s an unusual way to frame it, because a beef has to travel both ways. ‘Yes, it does,’ Sincerely, I do. First of all, in my limited knowledge of the world, I believe that beef has always typically occurred between two Hip Hop musicians. I never have a grudge against Kanye West. The situation with Kanye West worried me.

“I sometimes think it’s a little sh*tty, to be honest with you, if someone says to me or to anyone that they have a mental health issue, and they say to everyone that when they don’t take their medication, they’re unable to control themselves, and then everyone ignores when that person is having an episode and they haven’t taken their medication, and then they platform the person and then they put them out.”

Trevor Noah revealed that his grandfather had bipolar disorder, and that when he was having an episode, his family would ensure that their patriarch was taken care of. He also referred to it as “weird” that West’s remarks have gone viral at the same time as it appears the rapper needs assistance.

He said that he doesn’t have “fight” with the rapper because he grew up enjoying Kanye West’s songs and his effect on popular culture. All of Noah’s remarks regarding West, he was care to point out, were made out of concern, not judgment.

Watch Trevor Noah give his explanation of the situation