Why I like Bryan despite his treatment of me in #BBNaija - Daniella

#BBNaija: Why I like Bryan despite his attitude towards me – Daniella

Daniella, a housemate from Nigeria, has discussed why she likes Bryan despite his “unwelcoming” demeanor toward her.

On Sunday morning, July 24, she told Bryan in a brief conversation that she felt he was “low-key disrespectful” to her. She continued by saying that even though she was rude, she liked rude guys and found this to be okay.

Initially, Daniella described Bryan as a gorgeous man who she believes she will be able to get along with while talking about what she had noticed about him. She complimented his hairdo as well, saying how much she favored the natural appearance.

Undoubtedly, the pair seem to get along well, which is fueling rumors of a potential romance between them.
Nevertheless, it is still too early to make a judgment because some housemates have not yet been welcomed into the home.

Bryan and Daniella video conservation: