Yung Bleu Exposes Thief In CCTV Who Tried To Steal His Rolls Royce (Video)

Yung Bleu Shows Thief Trying To Steal Rolls Royce, Issues Warning

Security might let u survive,” the singer ominously warns the “jack guys” who came up at his house.
Celebrities and influencers are powerless to thwart burglars and robbers, no matter how much effort they put into securing the locations of their residences. We recently reported on a man breaking into Drake’s house; this isn’t the Toronto legend’s first offense.

Rappers and their associates have frequently been the targets of home invasions, as Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande have experienced on several occasions. These people have sometimes been armed. Some of the incidents have had tragic outcomes.

Rapper Yung Bleu is the most recent person who came dangerously close to becoming a victim of theft after sharing CCTV footage of someone trying to steal his Rolls Royce.

Although the brief video is silent, viewers can see a figure getting into the car in the shaky black and white frame. The suspected thief then attempts to make a three- or four-point turn to exit the long driveway, but something appears to have startled them because they suddenly leaped out of the car and fled.

Bleu sent a tweet to potential burglars warning them not to enter his house.

“I’m not a criminal. But instead of waiting until I’m on tour, y’all “jack lads” should try taking some when I’m at home “Tweets from Bleu. “Security may allow you to live, but I’m not one of you, guys. You can ask the last n**gas who attempted to steal from me how that turned out. You guys don’t have as much heart as you act like you do.”

The video is below.