Girls are very clever and they don’t just fall into an affair, that explains why they like to define stuff before they accept to a guy’s proposition. There are some questions that a girl would ask you when she has emotional feelings for you, she will ask you those question, to clear her disbelief on the kind of person you are, and what it would be like, to be in a romantic affair with you.

Some of these questions are one of the strategies you can use to spot a lady that has feelings for you. So in today’s writing, I will be revealing to you the five (5) questions that a girl will inquire of you when she has feelings for you.

1. What Do You Like About Me?

This is the introductory question that a girl will ask you when she has emotional feelings for you. She would want to know precisely what enticed you to her so that she can develop herself on it.

It is also her trick of discerning if truly you like anything about her.

2. What Kind of Girls Do You Like?

Like a Police Officer, this is another suspicious question that a lady who has feelings for you will ask you. She would love to know if there’s any possibility of her being in a romantic affair with you, and also to know if she fits well into the ‘spec’ of girls that you like.

When a lady utters a question like this, then that is a green signal she has feelings for you.

3. How Did Your Previous Relationship End?

She will also want to know about your last affair, to ready her mind, and also to know how you act when the lovey-dovey begins.

It’s also her way of knowing your likes and dislikes in a relationship, as well as the kind of things that can make you end a love affair.

4. What Do You Love To Do?

When a lady is interested in knowing your hobbies and entertainment and pastimes, that’s a sign she has an emotional feeling for you. It is her way also of knowing how you’ll be spending your time together when she finally gets into a relationship with you.

5. Who Is Your Crush?

Lastly, she would want to know who her rivalry is, that is why she will ask you about your crush. She wants to know the girl you’re looking out for, why you are crushing on her, and if you have an intention of asking her out.

When you’re being asked these questions, then there’s a feeling right there.

And there you have it guys! For more inputs, kindly drop them on the comment section, so others can read and also learn from them.