So, Peter Okoye of the defunct group P-square, is a Nigerian music sensation who posted a snapshot of himself on social media sitting on the floor of his beautifully massive castle-looking sitting room. The beauty, the class and simplicity caught everyone’s attention. I’m also not left out.

Accurate Gist the lesson I learnt Cheekah Suave

But for me, the one thing that sat more as the focal point of attraction and admiration in the picture was his body positioning while sitting down. It gave me an image of nostalgia growing up.

For those born without silver spoons, that sitting posture was usually a reward for several days of peeping through the window to watch programs from the coloured TV set and humbly greeting the owner as a young boy with home training.

With the hopes that one day the big man would be in a good mood and would throw the door open for you and your friends to make a grand entry into his magnificent building.

Fortunately, that “one day” finally comes.

You quickly yank off your rubber sandals or flip flops, enter triumphantly, sit humbly on the floor, steal happy glances at your friends, and then fix all attention on the TV set.

Back in the day, that was a major blessing. A massive breakthrough!

Your eyes are gazing in excitement, your friends are happy too. Why? Because what you hoped for, have finally come true.

Major breakthrough.

Interestingly, that same strategy still works even till today if you are targeting to attract the attention of a big man.

Politeness and humility will help you a lot to make a breakthrough.

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