Has it indeed come to your consciousness how these packets of silica gel are concealed in your new bags, pouches, shoes, purses, and all other stuffs? A fraction of humanity believe these silica gel packets are not of importance, and because of their ignorance, they thrash them all away again.

These silica packets are hidden inside our wears to stop moisture from destroying these products after storage, when these products are taken home, so that they can be potent especially in ventilated condition.

Although these stuffs may be very toxic when swallowed, they could still be very beneficial to us at home. Here are some of its efficacy:

1. They help in reviving mobile phones damaged by water. If by mistake, your mobile phone fell off your hand and dropped inside a bowl of water, silica gel packs could be of good help.

All you have to do is drop some silica bags close to your phone for a while, and it will soak up the moisture in it. After some time, your mobile phone should be functioning properly.

2. If you want a pleasant wardrobe smell, you can put a silica bag inside your clothes or inside your cupboard.

The content in silica dioxide will offset, and soak up any vapor that will affect your clothes to carry an unpleasant odor.

3. Silica bags can increase the shelf-life of one’s cosmetic. You must have noticed that cosmetics always have a date when they expire. If you take a careful look at the containers of your cosmetics, the 22m, 11m, 12m, written on them indicates the life span of cosmetics.

Notwithstanding, if you hid a bag of silica in your cosmetic case, it will absorb all the vapor that could make the cosmetics to expire.

4. You can take it up to make your jewelry always stay luminous, and glowing. You can agree on concealing a few silica bags inside your jewelry box just to strengthen them from fading off or rusting.

Information has it that moisture is among what causes gold to rust. So, putting a packet of silica inside your jewelry container enables in absorbing the moisture which makes them rust.

5. It freshens up your home. Silica gel is also utilized to prevent nasty smells in one’s home, making it extra fresh. This can just be done by releasing the silica gel inside a container, and accordingly adding 1 or 2 teaspoons of perfume. Then, put the bowl of the mixture anywhere you sense an awful smell.