French Montana - French Montana LA Leakers Freestyle #124

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Super talented artists and Songwriters identified as French Montana releases another new hit track titled “French Montana LA Leakers Freestyle #124

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French Montana French Montana LA Leakers Freestyle #124 Lyrics

Ain’t no friends in this industry
My brother serving butter, hand-in-hand with a felony, ayy

Orchestrate the official like Quincy Jones
Big choppa spittin’ like Krayzie Bone
Hustle on the thousand, made to pay my home
David and Galala, neck full of million stones
I have fiends shootin’ dope like the vaccine
Word to Quavo, even Saweetie had to tap in
Re-write my thoughts, re-invent my sauce, re-soap my bars
Man, if all you got is money, then you broke to me
You know we ain’t stoppin’
You can’t feed a hungry stomach with a full pocket
Sendin’ shooters back in dresses, who you finnesin?
Used to show ’em all the tricks, now I keep ’em guessin’
I wasn’t born rich, this that growth and hustle
And you appreciate ’em all when you know the struggle
H.N.I.C. like Prodigy from 40th
Sporty V, with a pigeon like sporty thieves
Yeah, I talk and live it
Yeah, I had to hit it
Even though she got five kids, her stomach nitted
Back when Gucci charged me 5K for a verse
I asked for my money back and still used the verse
Burn bridges, river full of boats
G5 through the clouds full of smoke
That was early fame
Coupe sporty, young Barry Gordy
A young prince, cup full of purple rain
I spin blocks, slide on beats
Abu Dhabi, Dubai, I’m Montana The Sheik
But just imagine how crazy I had to be
I was dreaming out of Africa
That’s like breaking out of Alcatraz at Attica
And I been humble for a decade
While your favorite rapper in the precinct writing essays
They ain’t last four years straight
Back y’all like a stadium, I had a field date (Haan)
Brothers in the industry
My brother serving butter, hand-in-hand with a felony
A fact
Amnesia comin’ soon, that’s a fact, you heard?
Justin Credible, you heard?
Heavy on the South-Bronx, you heard?

Slang wait, keep the 8th by the bed
Best way to hold a snake is by the head
You gonna see the devil when you make your first million
Make sure your brain stronger than your feelings
Social media made niggas forget they’re rappers
They Martin now
Graduated, all cap and gown
Your favorite rapper green-digging like the red
Nowadays it be Corona like being the feds
If you die rich, you lost someone that died broke
Hammer with the entourage
First millionaire, I’m a family tree
You gotta respect it
AO’s, reality check it, uhh
It be the plug that tell you to pull the plug on you
It be the plug till they pull the plug on you
Up the ladder of sucessfull text will build and destroy
Still shining
Still grinding