G Herbo – Street Shit Freestyle

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Super talented artist and Songwriter identified as G Herbo releases another new hit track titled “Street Shit Freestyle

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G Herbo Street Shit Freestyle Lyrics

I’m really a boss, but I can’t take a loss
I gotta estimate the price, I don’t know what it cost
Soon as I get it in, I can get ’em off
But why speak about the trap, if I can get a loft
Ni**as swearin’ like they hard, I can get ’em soft
Whips bought, lawyer bought, Glizzy tossed, what I’m taught
Fightin’ cases, pistol on my side, I can’t even talk
Got this 30 in 30s, I can’t even walk
Amiris tight, made a hunnit in a night, you right
Value life, you don’t lose this shit the night you fight
I be muggin’ in the club, I ain’t the like you type
You get stretched, you play the net cause we don’t like & type
F**k ni**as, we don’t know those
Run ’em down, hop out fo’ doors
Feds watchin’, takin’ photos
Move sloppy, that’s my bro though
Ain’t the brightest, he gon’ go though
[?] get excited, when we sight ’em
Glock kitted, got a sight, we catch ’em, light ’em
Lost lil bro, ain’t been myself, grab that .40 off the shelf
Ain’t have therapy, need help, been off liquor for my health
Play the cards that I been dealt, bi**h you can’t right we left it
6 shots on me for 4-7, we can’t stretch ’em, get 11
Fightin’ cases, I’m like “F**k 12”, I’ll go to Hell
Turn witness, I’m like “F**k 12”, I’ll go to jail
They can’t pick me up, so I’m like “F**k it”, I’ll go with Rell
Max ain’t get a lo’ we movin’ slow, so I’ll go and snail
Ain’t no evidence, like “What the Hell?”, give ’em shells
Lil bro 15 so he ain’t trippin’, he gon’ get a bail
Havin’ too much paper, I’m like “F**k it”, I’mma pay ’em all
Lost my bro this year, so I’m like “F**k it”, we gon’ slay ’em all
Think I pay for hits, I ain’t spent nothin’, that’s my way to ball
Way too many killers I been hustlin’, can’t OK ’em all
Ran through like 400k this year, like 800k a year
Spent 200k in tears, really fuckin’ up my real peers
Spent a mil’ here, spent a mil’ there, needa wheelchair
I be playin’ broke, 200k in dope, 300k in coke
Get in the way, it’s smoke
Got ni**as claimin’ Blood, got ni**as claimin’ Loc
Got Moes, they must cuz, got ni**as claimin’ Folk
Sayin’ 2021, the GDs in the door
But really in my hood, the GDs been some hoes
Cause I’m from over East, got love for some foes
Might get a hoe beat, got love for some hoes
Still love for my street, got love for some h**s
Some h**s love the street code, you can get exposed
I still live by the G code, might see a ni**a blow
But God f**k wit’ a ni**a head, cause I’ll leave a ni**a dead
Young ni**a got some knowledge, you might think a ni**a scared
When you lookin’ in my eyes, you might think I’m seein’ red
Goin’ brazy, ni**a crazy, you might think I’m takin’ meds
7.62s everywhere I go, might think I’m takin’ lead
Like a opp, really drunk, make ’em take it to the head
Like I’m lyrical, I’m spiritual, might take it to the dead