Leikeli47 BITM Mp3 Download

Leikeli47 BITM Mp3 Download

Super talented artists and Songwriter identified as Leikeli47 releases another new hit track titled “BITM

Moreover, this song is a remarkable track that will surely be worth a place on your playlist if you are a lover of good music.
This lovely tune is accessible here for your free and fast download.

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Leikeli47 BITM  Lyrics

Verse 1]
This ain’t a misdemeanor
Bi**h this is a felony
I read between the lines
Not buying what you’re selling me
You might wanna look both ways
Before you think about crossing me
If I hit the curb hard on you, ho
Just know that you lost me

[Verse 2]
Strutting in one direction
Headed straight to my floor seats
I’m the gift that keeps on giving
You don’t know what it cost me
I bet it on myself
Then I let the ‘hood endorse me
Put one foot in front the other
Just like real n**gas taught me

[Verse 3]
I did not skip any steps
I did not miss one time yet
My jump shot is f**king wet
Mamba mentality set
I’m designing my own lane
Now b**ch you go do the same
If you still don’t understand
Let me break it down again

Bi**h I’m the man
I don’t plan
Bitch I’m the man

[Verse 4]
Hol’ up
Biggest b**ch in the pound
Gotta problem? Say it now
I’m a product of the ground
Now cha-ching is the sound
You can catch me on the mound
I don’t do the runaround
High demand in yo’ town
Every scene, shut it down

[Verse 5]
All this sun has my affection
And the stars are my reflection
To the top is my direction
Plus the ‘hood is my protection
Skin so rich, I’m so goddamn
Took ’em all down with just one hand
If you still don’t understand
Let me break it down again