Lil Tjay Lavish Mp3 Download

Lil Tjay Lavish Mp3 Download

Super talented artist and Songwriter identified as Lil Tjay releases another new hit track titled “Lavish

Moreover, this song is a remarkable track that will surely be worth a place on your playlist if you are a lover of good music.
This lovely tune is accessible here for your free and fast download.

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Lil Tjay Lavish Lyrics

Ayy, Ramsey

Ran it up with my brother, can’t f**k with no other
Know everyone with me go dumb
True to self, I been silent since young
No security needed, they know how we come
Used to play the block with them bums
Now we runnin’ through hundreds for fun
I can never stop, I’m the one
This the start of a forever run
I can’t ever change from the roots
Ain’t too much to change from the start
I got n***as chained to the boots
That’s why I got pain in my heart
Look up, you see gang on the charts
N***as gettin’ flamed for remarks
We gon’ spin and bang aftеr dark (Grr)
And I ain’t say a thing from the start (Bow, bow, bow)
I’m busy reaching my goals
Speak from thе soul
That sh*t keep bringin’ in rolls
I’m on my way to the top and they tryna stop
So that’s why I keep me a pole
Reason I keep being low
‘Cause n***as been hatin’ on me, they don’t want me to grow
Hatin’ n***as, can’t listen to those
I know I’m gon’ finish the mission, for sure
Nineteen, I ain’t average, I’m a savage, livin’ lavish
I stay low-key, it’s a habit
Tryna double up what I established
If I want that, I’ma have it
Lot of new drip, gotta grab it
Know the opps mad, they embarra**ed
I stay ballin’ on ’em like a Maverick, no
I’m doing good in my zone
Good on my own
Got no one calling my phone
Sometimes I sit up and stone
Just thinking about it, this gift, it gon’ never be cloned
I hope I die a legend when I do
I miss them bros in Heaven, it’s a few
Even though I’m progressing, it’s a bruise
So every time we go steppin’, it’s for you
I’m living life on no fair
Top of the tier
I’ll be on top in a year
My vision blocked, Cartier
My diamonds glare
Pop out these b*t*hes, they stare
If you gon’ say you love me, hope you do
Tired of n***as actin’ brand new
Focus and true to self, how I move
Realize a n***a had too much to lose
I ain’t got sh*t I have to prove
F**k it, I’m through
Rich, but I’m tuckin’ it too
N***as be hatin’ on me, what you sayin’ to me?
9/10, I be f**kin’ his boo
I’m just tryna live my life
N***as on my d**k, oh, my
Can’t lift sticks, no lie
‘Cause we all with the sh*ts, my guy
Load up the choppa
It go, “Brackata, brackata, brackata, brackata, bracka”
All we know is woke up, sit on top of
DOA, no purpose for the doctor
All I know is sh*t to keep a knocker
N***as stealin’ drip, they on my cyaga
I know that they comin’ for my māthā
Still, be with them ooters and the shottas

Ayy, Ramsey