Lupe Fiasco – Diet Soda Poetry

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Super creative and talented artists and Songwriter commonly identified as Lupe Fiasco releases another new hit track titled “Diet Soda Poetry

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Lupe Fiasco Diet Soda Poetry Lyrics

On the phone speaking in code
Sneaky nig**as want a piece of your soul
It’s like the conversation change when I’m speaking in goals
And they don’t understand when I speak the creole
Being see sweet don’t mean you think that they hoes
Being C-Suite mean the seat that you chosed
It’s elite, you ain’t gotta speak cause it shows
My skillset freakier than Bohemian Grove
Baby blood only cause the mama brim
Ahead of my time, used to talk to my mama friends
Condolences to the bakers
Tragedy bring us back together right after it break us
Casualty will always make us neighbors
Jordan made me Bull, but Kobe made me a Laker
Lee Scratch pass, know they crying in Jamaica
The boy stay blessed like the wine with the wafer
Live by my grind like the shaker
Mind my behavior
I park the car for the valet, set the table for the waiters
Totally self sufficient with a whole lot of favors

Blue Note Table, watching jazz on the xylophone
40 Dog, need a chain for my microphone
Chill is gusto, this that 99, headed to the stu’
With the 9 in my backpack on the bus flow
But I had it fucked up like an uh-oh
Chill was like that’s secondary, school is the utmost
I was this close to dropping out
High school dropping off, range rover hopping out
Shit was crispy
Beat bringing back memories like they miss me
I ain’t gotta do bars, I can strictly
Rap what really happened, you would think that shit was Disney
Air in the circle like a frisbee
Thinking about my ni**as make me misty
All that martial arts make me risky
So you better put a gun to my head while you frisk me, nig*a

I’m from the old school, you leave the meeting with a kissed face
I was in hoop shooting J after J like that Fish place
Word to niggas living so rough that the pick breaks
But they still tryna get their shit straight like they mix-raced
I had a Duke, similar to an S-Curl
Same game, tryna impress them out west girls
I listened to DondaI also listened to Kanye’s mama in real life
That means I’m real twice
Ricardo’s 40, ni*ga, I remember when we was shorties
Handling watas like a levee in New Orleans
Spitta Andretti Chevy, tailpipe sounding like it’s snoring
Giving out gas, Cavalier raising money while performing
Dee-1 granddad was just chilling while it was storming
That’s how we doing huh, whether whatever weather before me
Tell ‘em welcome to ATL, the city’s all free
And if you wanna see some titties, Magic City’s on me
What up Mayor, what up playa
What up Drake, what up haters
Got the clique in my corner just like a stapler
Steady handing out punches just like a labeler
Prom bars, I’m about to start caring about paper
And keep my yells-low like an EA cartridge for Sega
Stay Tyler Durden, but leave my job as a waiter
Or keep the bars and be more intentional to whom I cater
That’s that shit
As conscious as Common Sense
They done let us in door, Go nig*as is going in
Whether they throwing folks or ni*gas is throwing fin?
Fic ain’t smoking smokes, my ni*ga, that so a 10?
Chance got the movie, Ism just got a plaque
We just got a double, nig*as just got a fact
Just left album mode with me and my nig*a Trakk
And Drake dropped this shit, got me thinking ‘bout going back
What the f*ck