Rod Wave Ft Kodak Black – Get Ready

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Super talented artist and songwriter popularly Known as Rod Wave releases another new hit track titled “Get Ready”.
Featuring Kodak Black

Also, this remarkable track was taken off from Rod Wave‘s SoulFly (Deluxe) Album.

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Rod Wave Get Ready Lyrics

[Intro: Rod Wave]
(Boat Note)
(JBFlyBoi OhhhBabyeee)

[Verse 1: Rod Wave]
Get here
Had to walk a whole lot of miles to get here
It’s safe to say that I’ma take the cake for this year
I would say try again next year
But next year will probably be my best year
It took a whole lot of blood and sweat, tears
I don’t owe anybody anything, get that clear
A lot of sleepless nights and a whole lot of grinding
Was gon’ say it took forever, but it’s perfect timing
You should have seen me back in high school, they had some shit to say
Thought they was thе shit ’cause they had shift jobs at Chick-fil-A
I was thinking R-A-P, they was thinking GPA
Lot of ‘еm went to college and they got a job at the bank
Now when I pull up brand new Rolls trucks, you should see they face
I know she seen my account, that shit’ll make a hater faint
This shit will make a hater think
He had his goals right in his face, he saw the dreams and did the race
All it took was a bit of faith
Gotta thank God for this one
Gave me heart and wisdom
Helped me dodge the grave, helped me dodge the system
So many homies in the cage I watched fall the victim
Too many homies in the cage I watched fall the victim
I’m thankful for my fans, this rapping shit changed my life
I’m thankful for my team for keeping a nigga right
Thankful for the promoters, I open up on the mics
Now I’m singing for you three months back to back, I sell out every night
Labels used to look past me, now they trying to remake me
Grab a fat nigga out the trenches and replace me
Tryna duplicate me, can’t be
This always been my dream
I always heard this voice in the back of my head sing

[Chorus: Rod Wave, Choir, & Both]
Oh, you better be ready for it
You better be ready
Independent kid, I’ve been chasing my dream, I dreamed this on my desk back in middle school
Be ready for it
Yeah, no lie, I swear
On my desk back in middle school
You better be ready for it
I hope you ready for it
You better be ready for it

[Verse 2: Kodak Black]
If I stay ready, I ain’t gotta get ready
I ain’t gotta get ready ’cause I was already ready
I was standing by the corner store begging
Now the nigga I used to be asking for a dollar from jealous
I never thought I’d fall off with my nigga and it’s hurting
We dreamed of this when we was stealing cars and snatching purses
My brother told me, “Stop trying to save everybody”
God wanted to bless me, but I had fuck niggas ’round me
But then they say grind turn to shine, I grinded
And everything I ever did, I did it for the projects
Invent some fraud money in my crowd
All night flights on the slab with lil’ Rab
Been rolling with the punches for so long I called it jab
Sitting at the table with no money for the tab
I was wishing for the stars, I’m a demon in the Wraith
One day you gon’ wake up with your dreams in your face
And you gon’ been done did everything they said you can’t
The only way they gon’ beat you, nigga, if you catch a case

[Outro: Kodak Black, Rod Wave, & Choir]

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