Brainjotter Age, Net worth, Real Name, and Biography, Girlfriend In 2022

Brain Jotter Net Worth, Age, Real Name And Biography In 2022

Young comedians in Nigeria are continually emerging, thanks to the Nigerian comedy business. In the industry, people like Lordlamba, Sydney Talker, Mr. Macaroni, Kiriku, Nasboi and others are already well-known.

A once up-and-coming Instagram comedian named Brain Jotter has established himself in Nigeria during the first two years of his career.

You can learn more about Brain Jotter’s age, real name, net worth, and biography in this article.

Brain Jotter Profile Summary

Real Name Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Amuzie
Nickname Brain Jotter
Age 26 years old
Profession Comedian/Skit Maker
State of Origin Imo State
Place of  Birth Lagos State
Year of Birth February 5th 1995
Language Igbo
Religion Christianity
Nationality Nigeria
Net Worth Undisclosed

According to a conversation with Cheekah Suave, he stated that most pf the net worth posted online about him are not real.

Brain Jotter Biography

Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Amuzie is his full name, although Brain Jotter is his more well-known stage moniker. He is a well-known comedian, actor, and content creator from Nigeria. He grew up in one of those ghetto neighborhoods which is predominantly inhabited by the impoverished in Orile Iganmu, Lagos, Nigeria.

On February 5, 1995, Brainjotter was born in Lagos Nigeria. Although hails from Owerri, Imo State, in southeast Nigeria.

Brainjotter Education

Graduate of the University of Lagos’ Business Administration program, Brain Jotter He also went to study at Ghana National University.

Brainjotter Career

Brain Jotter began his comedic career as an online comic, appearing at a range of comedy events across the nation.

Brain Jotter eventually moved his comic career to Instagram. He gained popularity on Instagram for posting the hilarious videos “No Stress” and “I Don’t Care,” respectively. His excellent sense of humor in the videos helped the comedy go viral on various social media platforms, which propelled him into the limelight and increased his notoriety in Nigeria.

The majority of Brain Jotter’s comedy will undoubtedly make you laugh out your sorrows and boredom because he is a gifted comic. The majority of BrainJotters’ comedic videos convey important information. They cover a wide range of subjects, including social, political, and economic issues in Nigeria.

The year 2020 saw the genesis of the phrase “Abeg Get Out,” a new comedy video by the talented comedian Brain Jotter. One of the best quickly growing comedians in the comedy business, his facial expressions in humor set him apart.

Brain Jotter Girlfriend

Brain Jotter stated in an interview with Cheekah Suave that although he has a huge crush on Nancy Isime, he is single and can’t date a fan. He is not yet married.

Right now, he is a talented young performer who is more focused on succeeding in the comedy business.

Age of Brain Jotter

The actual age of Brain Jotters is 26 years old. On February 5th, 1995, he was born.

Real Name of Brain Jotter

Brain Jotter’s full name is Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Amuzie.

Brainjotter Instagram

Brain Jotter is active on social media, and his official Instagram account, @Brainjotter, has over 1.7 million followers.

Brainjotter YouTube

Brainjotter has over four hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube. And is almost close to half a million subscribers with over 53 million viewers in general on YouTube.

Speaking with Cheekah Suave, Brainjotter added that his first big cheque starting off as a Youtuber was $600 dollars.

2022 Brain Jotter Net Worth

Brainjotter opens up on heartbreak, first kiss, Don Jazzy and more

According to an interview with Cheekah Suave, one of Nigeria’s most well-known online comedians, Brain Jotter, has a net worth that is undisclosed.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Brain Jotter

Where is the comedian Brain Jotter from?
Nigeria’s Imo State is home to Brain Jotter.

What is the real name of Brain Jotter?
Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Amuzie

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