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According to AccurateGist, PharmSavi BBNaija is a pharmacist and performer who is there to inject positivity into the program. He thinks relationship stress is unaffordable for him because he is unmarried, a perfectionist, and just entering adulthood. You should be on the lookout for PharmSavi since he has threatened to add medicine to any insanity in the house.

PharmSavi BBNaija

Name: PharmSavi
Real Name: Saviour Akpan
Age: 30 years
Date of Birth 1990
State of Origin: Akwa Ibom State
Girlfriend: Single
Occupation: Pharmacist
Net Worth: $10,000

Biography of PharmSavi BBNaija

PharmSavi is from Akwa Ibom State and goes by the name Saviour Akpan. He is quite self-assured, a gentleman, and has a great sense of humor, according to PharmSavi. At first, he doesn’t think that love exists. He identifies himself as a low-key performer and a pharmacist.

Career PharmSavi BBNaija

Pharmsavi, a licensed pharmacist, is a self-assured extrovert with “an outstanding sense of humor.” He is really passionate about life and acting in particular, and he plans to eventually make acting his career.

Pharmsavi has a vast social circle thanks to his outgoing, amiable attitude and enjoys traveling, dancing, and playing video games. He considers himself sensitive and competitive, and he opposes hypocrisy and dishonesty. Pharmsavi enjoys playing table tennis when he has time, and he also enjoys graphic design.

During his stay in the House, did he develop any bad habits that would irritate his housemates? “I strive for perfection. People frequently accuse me of having obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) because I value cleanliness and order, says the man.

Pharmsavi aspires to become a professional actor, and he believes that Big Brother Naija will give him the necessary boost. “I also want to raise awareness about drug addiction and abuse, particularly among young people.”

The Big Brother Naija contestant Pharmsavi claims to have “the cure for all crazy” this season. During his tenure in the House, he vows to be attentive and entertaining.

Pharmsavi BBNaija Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Pharmsavi BBNaija at the time this article was written is $10,000

Instagram Pharmsavi BBNaija

Pharmsavi’s Instagram account has not yet been made public. We’ll inform you as soon as there are any updates.

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