Who Is Lul Tim? Age, Profile And Net Worth

Reports with respect to rapper Lul Tim having chance multiple times in the chest are generally spreading across the web and media. Anyway, would he say he is dead? Here’s an update.

Timothy Leeks, popularly known as Lul Tim, is an American rapper who is perceived more for conviction of a lawful offense rather and any melodies of his.

On November 6, 2020, the renowned American rapper King Von was shot dead and Lul was the great suspect for the case.

In reality, he was captured for the deadly shooting of King Von yet he was rescued for $100,000, supposedly by his partner Quando Rondo.

Presently, there have been a few reports with respect to the 22-year-old affirmed killer and rapper having shot in his chest.

Despite the fact that nothing is affirmed at this point, there are hypotheses with respect to this matter, which has assembled an enormous crowd on the web and media.

After this news with respect to the shooting and the information on the late rapper King Von being engaged with a 2017 homicide case, the general population appears to be concerned in regards to Lul.

Lul Tim Shot 6 Times, Is Timothy Leeks Dead?

As referenced, there are weighty bits of gossip with respect to the deadly shooting of rapper Lul Tim.

Many have revealed that Lul has been shot multiple times in his chest and he is dead. Notwithstanding, there are no original sources that have given any data with respect to this matter.

Since this depends on reports, we can’t make any cases on in case he is alive or not.

Some netizens have said that he is definitely killed and it is vengeance for the homicide of King Von.

Nonetheless, this still seems like talk. Additionally, the last Lul posted was around 3 days prior, so this talk has a chance of being valid.

Consequently, it seems as though we need to trust that any authority source will give knowledge in regards to the genuine matter.

Lul Tim Age And Net Worth Revealed

Lul Tim’s age is right now around 22 years of age.

Notwithstanding, his definite date of birth isn’t uncovered at this point. We have assessed his age on the premise that he was 22 around 4 months prior, as indicated by an article in March of 2021.

Lul Tim may have a total net worth of about $50,000.

Since he is a rapper yet additionally an indicted criminal, he has relatively little fans presently. Be that as it may, he is partners with come different rappers, he ought to have a total assets of around 50,000 dollars.

Lul Tim Wife And Family

Lul Tim most presumably doesn’t have a spouse yet.

Since he is only 22 and has a complex past, he unquestionably isn’t hitched at this point. Besides, he has not referenced his better half or past connections.

He has posted nothing with respect to his accomplice on his social handles, so separating data is much seriously testing.