Wesley Pessano Santarem Crypto Trader

Wesley Pessano Santarem (Crypto Trader)

CRYPTO DEATH: A YOUNG crypto trader who flaunted his wealth on Instagram has been shot dead at the wheel of his red Porsche Boxster.

Shooters released a hail of bullets on 19-year-old Wesley Pessano Santarem as he passed through the Brazilian city of Sao Pedro da Aldeia.

Chilling video film shot in the aftermath of the open air shooting on August 4 shows Wesley unmoving in the driver’s seat of his exotic car with his white T-shirt absorbed in blood.

There is a noticeable projectile injury on his neck.

The shocking killing comes as gangs are increasingly targeting so-called “Insta-bragging” Bitcoin traders and influencers after they have flaunted their wealth on social media.

Wesley Pessano Santarem flaunting on social media

Wesley Pessano Santarem flaunting on social media

Despite being just 19-years-old, Wesley had apparently made a fortune as a cryptocurrency trader and investor for at least three years.

On Instagram he flaunted his wealth and expensive lifestyle to his 133,000 followers plus a YouTube channel with 15,600 subscribers where he gave trading tips.

His last Insta post was a photo of him sitting on the red Porsche — in which he was shot — as he flicks through wads of cash.

According to reports, Wesley, who lived in the nearby city of Cabo Frio, was driving to the hairdresser’s to get a haircut when he was ambushed.

Bitcoin trader was shot in brazil

Wesley Pessano Santarem was shot in Brazil

The killing took place in front of bystanders, who said the killers were driving a silver Volkswagen Voyage.

Cops say Wesley took at least four bullets, including one to the head.

Wesley’s pal was travelling in the passenger seat at the time and was injured in the shooting.

He was taken to hospital in Cabo Frio while Wesley’s body was taken for a post-mortem examination.

The injured man’s identity has not been reported.

The police have not revealed the killers’ identities or the possible motive for the crime.

Wesley Pessano Santarem shopping with a friend

Wesley Pessano Santarem shopping in a clothing store