This is the Paris Saint-Germaint defender Jean-Pierre Adams who has been in a state of unconsciousness for a very long time in the wake of accepting sedative that was intended to keep him out several hours.

He endured the injury on March 17, 1982. He is still lamentably in a state of unconsciousness right up ’til today, at the age of 73.

Adams’ life was awfully flipped around following a bungled procedure on his knee.

He has gone through throughout a large portion of his time on earth in a state of unconsciousness as he is upheld by his unimaginably faithful spouse Bernadette who is tenderly close by.

Talking a year ago, she told CNN: “No one ever forgets to give Jean-Pierre presents, whether it’s his birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day.”

The ex-Paris Saint-Germain protector turned 73 recently. He goes through a large portion of the day in an adjusted bed typically found in a clinic.

Notwithstanding his wellbeing, Bernadette keeps on gifting the ex French international presents, including garments and facial cleanser.

“We buy presents like a T-shirt or a jumper because I dress him in his bed – he changes clothes every day,” she added.

“I’ll buy things so that he can have a nice room, such as pretty sheets, or some scent.

“He used to wear Paco Rabanne but his favorite one stopped so now I buy Sauvage by Dior.”

Adams is unequipped for essentially all intentional development with Bernadette there close by – dressing, taking care of and washing him.

Her bravery is an indication of their rugged bond and when she goes through evenings from home, Adams’ carers see the distinction in his temperament.

She clarified: “He senses that it is not me feeding him and looking after him.

“It’s the nurses who tell me, saying he is not the same. I think he feels things. He must recognize the sound of my voice as well.”

An awfully tragic story with Adams Bernadette actually paying for that terrible medical procedure, 39 years prior.