A day seldom passes by where Patrice Evra doesn’t post something on his web-based media accounts that raise a smile…or a look of absolute bemusement.

Regardless of whether it’s his screams of ‘I LOVE THIS GAME!’, or kissing a raw chicken, the defender who formerly plays for Manchester United is without a doubt one of the most outstanding personalities with an amazing number of followers on social media.

What’s more, with United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer getting cheers, praises and wishes on his birthday, the Frenchman needed to locate an unusual method of sending great wishes to his old colleague.

Close by an image of the two at Carrington from 2006, Evra posted the following weird message: “Happy birthday my friend, always a pleasure talking to someone really humble!

“We were focused on that bird that day because we didn’t want him to poo poo inside our mouth like he did in @youngy18’s mouth”.

Obviously, the event Evra alludes to is when previous Red Devils star Ashley Young had the heartbreaking piece of ‘best of luck’, when a piece of bird excreta seemed to go in his mouth.

It was during a game against Swansea City in 2014 when Young seemed to get a significant piece of bird excrement.

The former United captain has since eagerly denied the occurrence occurred, telling the UTD Podcast: , he said: “No, it didn’t happen!

“It had gone viral and is still going viral I think now and even my wife and kids turn round and say, ‘Yeah but the bird pooed in your mouth’, no it didn’t.

“It actually didn’t. And I said at the time, I’m sure the game was on TV, someone must have stopped it, recorded it, done whatever they did and put it together because it never actually happened. I think someone edited it because I know it never happened.”

Notwithstanding, Evra actually appears to trust it occurred and it will likely be hard to persuade him in any case.

After all…he loves this game.