Few minutes ago, there was an uproar on twitter after the very popular media company, CNN made an announcement about the nearly 4 million jobless Americans, using image of a black man to characterize it. The man who was later recognized as Dr Dipo Awojide (@OgbeniDipo) called out to the report from CNN saying, they shouldn’t have used his picture to make their news.

He noted it clearly  that he is fully working and see no reason why CNN used his photo in that article. Dr Dipo  called out on them to take down his image  from that news and has also  frightened to sue CNN. Nevertheless, Many people have reacted to the news on his twitter page where he re-tweeted the tweet from CNN official twitter handle.

It is no news that  we’re all aware with the ravaging effect of Covid-19 pandemic which has eradicated millions of humans in and around the world. It has entirely shifted how people do things in all ways since its emergence from China.

The pandemic became terrible throughout the year 2020 when a total lockdown was announced in all the countries affected. In 2021, the problem continues and here we are still striving to curb the spread of this virus. Although, in current times, vaccines are ready to use in America, UK and other countries that have suffered the most cases of this deadly virus.

It was broadcasted by CNN that so many people have lost their jobs due  to the outbreak of the Covid-19 Virus. In that news, over 4 million people were said to be struggling with what to do to make ends meet (Blacks and Asian people, most especially ).

Although, it was stated  that some employers have called    back millions of Americans to work since the corona virus pandemic affected the economy badly last year.

According to CNN report, “They’re stuck and they start to face discrimination,” said William Spriggs, an economics professor at Howard University and chief economist at the AFL-CIO. “Employers believe they are damaged goods.”

It was indicated in the news that the rising rate of unemployed citizens in the country will make President-elect Joe Biden’s job more complicated. And not until these employees finds what to do, the rate will continue to heighten. If condition gets worse than it is, some folks may become dispirited and drop out of the labour market.

A report has it that among jobless Black and Asian Americans, more than 40% have been unemployed for at least half a year, according to federal data. But among their White and Hispanic mates, the number is closer to one-third.