The son of late APC cheiftain, Ahmed Gulak, has uncovered what his dad advised him before he kicked the bucket.

Mohammed Gulak uncovered he talked with his dad the prior night he was killed and it never happened to him that it will be the last time he will talk with him.

Ahmed Gulak last words to son before tragic death in Imo state


Gulak was killed while heading to the airport on Sunday, May 30, and was let go at the Gudu Cemetery in Abuja on Sunday night, May 30, at about 8pm. His memorial service was held at the National Mosque, Abuja.

Mohammed, who revealed to BBC Pidgin on the episode, said that he was in his room on Sunday, May 30, trusting that a driver will take them to the air terminal to get his dad before information on the shooting broke.

He added that the deceased’s personal assistant was the first person to call the family via telephone to ask if they had heard what happened and ended the call when the response was in negative. Gulak’s son also noted that the eldest son broke the news to the family when he entered the house in tears

As indicated by him, his last discussion with his dad was something he could always remember in his life. Mohammed said:

On Saturday, I called him at exactly 8 pm to greet and wish him safe journey back home the following day. He was happy and told me ‘God bless you, my son. He was part of the committee on constitutional review. He went to Owerri to carry out the work.”