Kim Kardashian has discussed how she thought she would have been assaulted and executed when a group of veiled men tied her up and denied her of millions.

It occurred while the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was in Paris for Fashion Week in 2016, and alone in her lodging.

The 40-year-old wept when she portrayed her dread that sister Kourtney would find her dead body and always be unable to get over it.

What’s more, presently, one of the men capable has guaranteed that he had no clue about who she was the point at which he consented to partake in the heist.

Yunice Abbas, who has composed a book entitled I Kidnapped Kim Kardashian , says he wouldn’t have partaken in the £7.9 million theft on the off chance that he knew how popular she and spouse Kanye West were.

Abbas, 67, was one of the hoodlums who bound Kim and held her at gunpoint, taking millions worth of gems, including her £3.2 million wedding band.

The majority of it was rarely recuperated.

Abbas, who has gone through year and a half in jail on remand, is presently anticipating preliminary with 12 others, who are generally beyond 60 years old.

Granted an interview to French newspaper Le Figaro, he said he’d never heard of Kim or Kanye and just “went along to help get a diamond”.

He said a friend had warned him that Kim was a “atar” who was married to a well known “American rapper”.

But Abbas said he “would never have imagined that she was so famous”, claiming it’s because she’s “not my generation“.

He said he ended up being praised for his take by more youthful detainees and guaranteed that jail watches even inquired as to whether they could get photographs with him.

Abbas claims his job in the theft was to sub for the structure’s attendant, who was occupied to the space at gunpoint by different hoodlums.

Abbas wrote in his book that he tossed Kim’s taken cell phone into a trench since vocalist Tracy Chapman – somebody he knew was acclaimed – called.

The group were gotten not long after the burglary, to a limited extent on the grounds that Abbas’ DNA was found on a gem he had dropped while they were escaping the scene.