Criminals armed with weapons have attacked a fuel station in Zimbabwe where they hauled away proceeds from deals adding up to $15,000. Accurate Gist reports.

As per reports gathered, the thieves in a real sense ‘worked’ for the cash they took as they were reported to have met not much money at the station and afterward made the decision to to impersonate as fuel attendants.

The fuel station allegedly had little money than they expected. In other not to return home with a deficiency financial plan, they needed to extemporize by selling the fuel in the filling station to clueless drivers who thought they were genuine oil attendants or staff of the fuel station.

As indicated by reports, the activity went on for around 3 hours before they left. The aggregate sum of cash trucked away is yet to be authoritatively known, however it is assessed to associate with 15 thousand dollars altogether.

No life was lost except for some who got harmed during the operation, there are numerous remarks and responses coming from web-based media, some are of the assessment that the burglars should have sold the fuel to drivers free of charge while some in their own perspectives condenmed the attack.