Eddie Hearn has uncovered an Asian tycoon is most probable to have the profoundly expected match of the century, Anthony Joshua versus Tyson Fury. Accurate Gist reports.

A couple of days prior, Eddie Hearn reported all agreements for the match to proceed has been endorsed by the two pugilist with just the location left to be arranged. In his previous reports, he proposed that the Americas, Middle East among different places; however the showdown may not go down in those regions. The battle may happen in Asia.

As indicated by him, a well off Asian is in shaft position to land the battle in his country. Talking at a meeting, he said;

I had an approach [on Wednesday], not from the Middle East, but it was the most bizarre approach. I can’t say who it was but it was from a very wealthy individual and he wants to do something very special.

We’ve had 20 approaches for this fight but you know which ones are serious. This one was just well out there. And it’s a realistic option, money is not an issue with this guy. Commercially it’s a bit strange, but it’s not about that. It’s a trophy asset to say, ‘This is the biggest event in the world.

And that’s the mindset of an individual who wants to bring it to his own country. It’s not about selling tickets, it’s not about government investment… it would him be saying, ‘I’d be paying for it.

There’s a number for the fight, you hit the number, you get the fight and the number was not an issue for this individual. Saudi have paid the site fee before, we’ve worked together before, it’s not complicated, it’s just about tying up the dates, but this offer is a bit different.

All I will say is it’s in Asia. Not Macau but not far away.”