Bill Gates Drops In Billionaire Ranking After Stock Transfers To Ex-Wife 

Bill Gates Drops In Billionaire Ranking After Stock Transfers To Ex-Wife, Melinda

The co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates, has dropped in Forbes’ real time billionaire ranking.

Mr. Bill Gates who was the fourth-richest man in the world nosedived to the fifth position. According to Forbes, he’s now worth $129.6 billion, slightly less than Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

This was after a fresh set of stock transfers to his ex-wife Melinda French Gates who is now worth an estimated $5.6 billion.

Nearly $2.4 billion worth of stocks were on Thursday transferred to Melinda from Gates’ investment vehicle, Cascade Investment LLC.
The billionaire had transferred $3.2 billion worth of stocks to Melinda in May.

“Melinda received 3.3 million shares of AutoNation AN +0.5%, worth about $392 million, according to SEC filings. She now owns 8.8% of the Florida-based car retailer. Cascade also transferred 2.8 million shares of farm equipment maker Deere & Co. DE +0.9% now worth $1 billion and 9,5 million shares of Canadian National Railway Company, now also worth $1 billion,” Forbes reported.

Melinda will likely receive shares from her ex-husband’s other investments; the ultimate amount she will get from him is yet to be determined.

Bill Gates and ex wife, Melinda

Bill Gates and ex wife, Melinda

In the Gates’ case, the woman contributed to Bill’s wealth in some ways. Katy Perry once lost a lot after divorcing her British comedian ex, Russel Brand.

Do you think Bill’s ranking will rise again, just like Jeff Bezos knowing that this wealth splitting is why a lot of successful men in the west don’t like to get married?

Your opinions are all we need, so please put them down below guys.

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos

Billionaire Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos

At the end, signing a prenup isn’t such a bad idea if there’s true love.