Bruno Fernandes Lashes Out At Those Who Compare Him To Arsenal Star Nicolas Pepe

The demands placed on him, according to Bruno Fernandes, were excessive

Bruno Fernandes has reacted angrily to those who have criticized him for being treated differently from other foreign players in the Premier League, using Arsenal star Nicolas Pepe as an example.

The 28-year-old Portuguese maestro, who cost £47 million to acquire from Sporting Lisbon in January 2020, has been the team’s best acquisition since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013.

Bruno Fernandes slams critics for treating him differently to Arsenal star Nicolas Pepe

When Bruno Fernandes joined United, the team’s fortunes were drastically changed. Instead of finishing outside the top four as it had appeared likely before his arrival, United finished third in the Premier League.

Although Fernandes has scored 51 goals overall in 132 games for United, he continues to draw harsh criticism.

Fernandes’ passing and propensity to choose the challenging option when simpler passes are available have drawn criticism from many.
The playmaker, though, claims that he hasn’t had as much time as other players to get used to the Premier League.

Pepe, who cost £72 million when he transferred from Lille to Arsenal in 2019, is used by Fernandes as an example of a foreign player who has been given more time than he has.

Pepe paid £72 million to join Arsenal in 2019

Pepe had a few poor performances, and everyone was telling him that he still needed to adjust, Fernandes said to the Athletic.

But when Bruno was playing poorly, it was simply because he was complaining or not paying attention to the game.

For me, that was advantageous because it indicated that I was prepared and explained why they were so demanding of me.

Despite the addition of Christian Eriksen, Fernandes has maintained his spot as the team’s no. 10 and started each Premier League game this season under Erik ten Hag.

The playmaker’s performance plummeted last season; in his 46 appearances, Fernandes scored just 10 goals.

After scoring 28 goals the season prior, that was Fernandes’ lowest total since joining the team.