Reality television celebrity, Caitlyn Jenner who went through her sexual orientation progress in 2015 has opened up on why her two girls Kylie and Kendall Jenner actually call her “father”.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, 71, joined her most youthful youngster Kylie, 23, as she was glammed up in a YouTube video.

The former Olympian got real about her choice to change at the actual age of 65, addressing Kylie about the “best choice” she has ever constructed.

She said a(he) was 65 years of age and needed to raise every other person and that s(he) had such a daily existence, yet at long last it was her opportunity to be herself and carry on with her life.

Kylie inquired of her dad during the pamper session a few questions which the fans are befuddled about and had been quick to discover. Which is, the way the daughters actually manage to still call her daddy even in the wake of transitioning.

Caitlyn reacted: “I really felt from the beginning that I’ve gotta do it my way that works for me and I think everybody out there has to do it their way.”

She added: “Some people say, ‘You’re the mother’. No I’m not, I’m the dad and have been the whole way. I will be their father until the day they die or I die.”

Caitlyn added that she’s “appreciative” to get up toward the beginning of the day and have the option to act naturally for the afternoon and that she is blessed to the point that after how confounded and complicated and difficult it was to carry on with her life, sneaking around, lying to individuals, everything to endure, she has none of that no more.

Kylie lauded her, as well as urged her to live cheerfully and have the option to be free about being valid as usual.

Caitlyn is father to six kids – Kendall and Kylie, who she shares with ex Kris Jenner and children Burt, 42, Brandon, 39, Brody, 37, and girl Cassandra, 40 from past relationship affair.