Chilling video recording seems to show a man attracting his pregnant spouse to a 1,000ft tall bluff edge minutes before he supposedly pushed her to her demise, it has been accounted for.

Police reports that Hakan Aysal, 40, killed Semra Aysal, 32, while they were on vacation in the south-eastern Turkish city of Mugla in June 2018.

Following the supposed homicide, Aysal is blamed for taking out advances in her name just as close to home mishap protection of over £40,000.

Semra was killed along with her unborn youngster as she was appallingly seven months pregnant.

A vacationer has now supposedly uncovered video clip of the couple on the bluff only minutes before the supposed homicide.

The footage seems to show Aysal holding Semra’s hand as they head towards the edge.

The traveler who recorded the video guaranteed he had seen Aysal acting unusually and anticipated that one of the pair would tumble off the cliff, the Sun reports.

Police are presently utilizing the recording in their examination concerning Aysal.

Examiners charge the episode, which was depicted as a mishap at the time in 2018, was murder done by the spouse with the goal that he could capitalize on insurance.

In the arraignment arranged for the wrongdoing of “conscious homicide” against the spouse, it expresses that he “arranged the homicide of his better half by first taking out an individual mishap protection for her benefit with an assurance of over £41,000 and where the solitary recipient was himself”

Investigators guaranteed the lone explanation they sat on top of the cliff for three hours was with the goal that he could ensure nobody was near.

When he understood they were distant from everyone else he intentionally executed her by pushing her off the mountain, they affirmed.

The Fethiye High Criminal Court has decided that he be remanded in authority on doubt of planned homicide.