Confusion amd Chaos at Kabul airport as Taliban assault Afghan capital.



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The Taliban have assumed responsibility for the official castle in Kabul after former President Ashraf Ghani fled the country. Earlier talks to form a temporary government seem to have been scuppered by Ghani’s departure.

Business trips at Hamid Karzai International Airport have halted. Film recorded there showed scenes of tumult and urgency as individuals mixed to get onto planes.

The US defence secretary approved 1,000 more US troops into Afghanistan because of the breaking down security circumstance, a guard official tells CNN, for a sum of 6,000 US troops that will be in the nation soon.

For what Accurate Gist gathered, 37 min ago, All commercial flights and business trips out of Kabul’s main airport have been cancelled.

A plane departs the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, before the Taliban’s takeover of the country’s capital on August 15.

Business trips out of Hamid Karzai International Airport have been cancelled, as indicated by the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority.

The non military personnel side of the airport is shut, as indicated by a notification to aviators.

1 hr 52 min prior,

US Embassy cautions Americans not to head out to Kabul airport.

The US Embassy in Afghanistan cautioned individuals against heading out to the Kabul airpor5 except if they get unequivocal guidelines to do.

Enormous hordes of people have been seen at access to Hamid Karzai International Airport and additionally inside the airport on endeavoring to board airplane in turbulent scenes late Sunday and Monday morning.

6,000 US troops reserved for security obligation in Kabul have been entrusted with getting the whole edge of the airport, a security official said Sunday.

The US Government Office in Kabul
have reminded every single American resident and Afghan nationals that the security circumstance in Kabul stays risky. And that they should kindly not go to the airport until notified.

— U.S. Embassy Kabul (@USEmbassyKabul) August 16, 2021

Footages from the airport showed tumultuous scenes of groups running in an obvious endeavor to get a flight. Another video showed individuals ascending the gangplank, attempting to board an enormous fly.

Many individuals kept on flooding the landing area at Hamid Karzai International Airport on Monday morning, with little power over swarms who can be seen moving toward planes.

1 hr 57 min prior

“I don’t have any tears left,” Afghan schooling lobbyist says after Taliban takeover

Afghan ladies participate in a social occasion against basic freedoms infringement on ladies by the Taliban on August 2. Sajjad Hussain/AFP/Getty Images

Afghan ladies participate in a social occasion against basic freedoms infringement on ladies by the Taliban on August 2. Sajjad Hussain/AFP/Getty Images

The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan will present significant obstacles for ladies’ schooling in the nation, and activists should keep on pushing the aggressor gathering to ensure the privileges of ladies and young ladies, said dissident Pashtana Durrani.

At the point when the Taliban managed Afghanistan during the 1990s, ladies were banned from getting proper training under the gathering’s fundamentalist translation of Islamic law.

Many dread that ladies’ privileges could be intensely abridged by and by in a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

Durrani said the Taliban should acknowledge that overall training for young ladies and ladies matters, that ladies should keep on approaching secondary school and an advanced degree.

“We need to push for those,” she said.

However Durrani said she isn’t apprehensive and knows her privileges, she said the arrival of the Taliban is reason to worry.

“My eyes are enlarged from tears,” she said. “I don’t have additional tears left in me.”

3 hr 20 min prior

South Korea and New Zealand clearing their residents in Afghanistan

From CNN’s Jake Kwon in Seoul, South Korea, and Angus Watson in Sydney, Australia

South Korea briefly shut its consulate and emptied the vast majority of its staff from Kabul to another country in the Middle East, the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in an articulation on Sunday.

South Korea’s minister and a couple of international safe haven staff individuals are as yet in Afghanistan, as is one South Korean non military personnel, the service said. Seoul is organizing with its partners, including the United States, to empty one excess regular citizen.

President Moon Jae-in gave a request on Monday to securely empty the conciliatory staff and Korean residents “to the last individual,” as per his office.

What New Zealand is doing: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Monday that the nation will start clearing its residents from Afghanistan, just as Afghan nationals who worked close by the New Zealand Defense Force. Ardern said her administration knows about 53 New Zealanders in Afghanistan and 37 others who worked close by the NZDF.

“We are seriously worried by the development of the Taliban and the danger that postures to those endeavoring to get out, including outside nationals,” Ardern said.

She said that New Zealand will help with clearing different nationals in case there are “sensible grounds to accept that the wellbeing or prosperity of the individual, or their close family has been put in danger from close to relationship with New Zealand in Afghanistan.”

3 hr 41 min back

A few carriers are rerouting and suspending their trips to stay away from Afghanistan airspace

Airplane were seen on the landing area of Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul on August 14.

No less than three aircrafts are either suspending flights or rerouting them to keep away from Afghanistan airspace after the country’s administration tumbled to the Taliban.

Joined Airlines said in a proclamation would reroute trips around Afghanistan and would “keep on working intimately with the FAA and IATA to assess the circumstance.” The US-based transporter’s trips to India will be influenced.

Emirates said on its site it had suspended trips to and from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, due to the “creating circumstance.”

A media representative for FlyDubai disclosed to CNN it also has suspended tasks to Kabul and keeps on checking the circumstance.

CNN has contacted Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Qatar Airways for their flight designs however has not yet gotten any reactions.

An Air India representative revealed to CNN the carrier is “observing the circumstance intently” and attempting to work booked trips to and from Afghanistan if the circumstance licenses.

4 hr 31 min prior

Senior US Senate staff members attempting to help Afghan pilots who escaped to Uzbekistan

Senior US Senate staff members were working with Pentagon officials Sunday night to help Afghan pilots who had escaped the nation and arrived in Uzbekistan, where US authorities dreaded they could be gone over to the Taliban, as indicated by a US Senate source.

Senate staff members were additionally attempting to manage State Department authorities, who are now overpowered with the weakening security circumstance in Afghanistan, the source said.

With Taliban assuming responsibility for Afghanistan, in excess of twelve Afghan pilots have escaped the country on airplane. The nations that line Afghanistan are wrestling with the Taliban takeover and should conclude how to manage Afghans escaping into their nations.

CNN got documentation showing recognizable proof of the pilots, whom the US is trying to ensure, however isn’t sharing the data openly.

CNN has connected with the Defense Department and State Department for input.

What Uzbekistan is saying: Uzbekistan said it kept 84 individuals from the Afghan Armed Forces at the two nations’ common boundary Saturday.

The gathering of Afghan military staff didn’t avoid when they were confined by Uzbekistan’s State Security Service, as per an assertion from the Uzbek Foreign Ministry distributed Monday. They requested assistance and clinical help for three individuals that were injured.

“The vital screening techniques and clean and epidemiological apportions were conveyed with these Afghan residents, clinical help was given to a few, food and their brief convenience were coordinated also,” the Uzbek Foreign Ministry articulation read.

The service said that there was “a developing presence” of Afghan military powers seen on the Afghan side of the Termez-Hairaton connect, which interfaces the town of Hairatan in the northern Balkh area of Afghanistan with Termez in the Surxondaryo district of Uzbekistan.

“Measures are being taken to give helpful help to these people,” the service said.

The service said it was haggling with Afghan authorities on the arrival of its residents, however it didn’t determine in case discussions were being held with the Taliban or the Afghan government that has recently imploded.

3 hr 47 min back

All US Embassy work force have emptied, the State Department said

Rahmat Gul/AP

All work force have emptied from the US Embassy in Kabul and are presently at the Kabul air terminal, the State Department said Sunday night.

“We can affirm that the protected clearing of all Embassy staff is presently finished. All Embassy staff are situated in the vicinity of Hamid Karzai International Airport, whose border is gotten by the US Military,” State Department representative Ned Price said in an explanation.

President Biden is relied upon to address the country in the following not many days about the emergency in Afghanistan, as per a senior organization official.

One alternative being talked about is to have Biden return to the White House, however the authority forewarned that they had not totally precluded offering the comments from Camp David.

Recently, CNN’s Jeff Zeleny announced that while Biden can get similar degree of briefings from Camp David, as he has been doing consistently, authorities know about the optics of the President being away during this dangerous