Two lovebirds have cut their bills and assembled their fantasy home subsequent to changing an old fashioned transport for just £7,000.

Lindsay Chapman and Leo Ross went through a quarter of a year giving the vehicle a makeover in 2019, having bought it for £1,085.

The pair utilized YouTube instructional exercises to pack out the 2003 International School Bus, spending around another £6,000 to finish the undertaking.

Lindsay, 29, and Leo, 33, presently live on the redesign full-time and have traversed 15 states in the US.

The pair, who have been a thing for a very long time, gauge that living on the transport has saved them around £1,400 every month as they don’t take care of bills or lease.

In any case, the vehicle needs more space where they can take their bath, which means they generally need to stop some place with such an installation.

Lindsay said that living on the transport is unquestionably less expensive on the grounds that they don’t need to pay rent, home loan, electricity or water so they are saving around $2,000 [£1400] each month. And that with this mode of transport they have gone through around 15 states and the nation over twice in one year.

“Living on the bus is definitely cheaper because we don’t have to pay rent, mortgage, electric or water so we’re saving around $2,000 [£1400] per month.

“We’ve travelled through about 15 states and across the country twice in one year so we have to pay diesel but when we’ve chosen somewhere to park up and stay we barely have to pay for anything.”

Lindsay and Leo had been living in investment properties Massachusetts before they purchased the transport, with Lindsay working in advertising and publicity while Leo works as a fireman.

Lindsay and Leo utilize available gyms that are close by to bathe thus, when the pandemic struck while the couple were in Nevada, they chose to stop up at the external of a relative’s residence until they reopened.

What’s more, Lindsay says that regardless of going through consistently with her other half in the 90 sq ft van, their experience has just united them close.