Jeanette Crompton and Darren Southard are expecting to begin another life running a B&B in Spain subsequent to fighting Covid-19 gave them another point of view on life.

The couple desire to raise around £400,000 from the wager, which will see their three-room confined house in Kirton Lindsey, North Lincolnshire and BMW Z4 Roadster sold, reports Grimsby Live.

The house is esteemed at around £230,000, and the BMW around £30,000.

Passes to enter the raffle are simply £2.50.

Jeanette, 52, said: “Darren and I both came down with coronavirus last year, which made us ask if we ultimately wanted to keep working nine to five for the rest of our lives.

“We’d seen other people raffle their houses and have even entered a few ourselves, so we thought why not give it a go?

“We’ve got nothing to lose – we could get our dream and someone could win a mortgage-free house and a BMW!”

The house accompanies an enormous nursery and yard territory, an underlying carport which can oblige four vehicles, and a center with focal warming.

It has three rooms, two of which are duplicates with worked in closets, and an advanced washroom.

The challenge is being gone through Raffle. 160,000 tickets are accessible, with the end date of May 3.

In the event that all tickets are not sold by that date, the couple will keep the house and vehicle, and the champ will rather get 75 percent of the absolute ticket deals.

Five percent of the cash raised will go to Mayflower Animal Sanctuary in Bawtry, where the couple have received two of their dogs through.

Jeanette and Darren, who have been together for a very long time, trust that the raffle will permit them to change employment from their present positions at Sainsbury’s and BMW.