“I’ve tried all I could but I’m getting worse day by day. It’s the smile that keeps me moving”

Beautiful South African young woman by the twitter handle @Nkhosila who looks critically ill expressed her feelings on social media about her condition. In her tweet, she stated that she had tried everything within her power but things aren’t going well on her side. The condition has consumed her heart, up to the point that she has accepted the situation. And now, deep down she knows that she has no control over it.

She most of the time fails to look herself in the mirror because of her present illness. Knowing that she lives with protruding bones she still manages to keep those smiles on her face.

Social media users have reacted with bitter emotions as well as pen down their heartfelt messages after coming across her pictures on twitter

But her current situation has made everyone come to the consciousness again that darkness breaks. And that no matter how dark life may be seem, there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Just like Nkhosila, use your smile to change the world. Never let the world change your smile.