An eight-year-old kid was gulped down by a crocodile as he swam in a stream with his younger sibling.

The kid was assaulted in Indonesia’s East Kalimantan region on Wednesday, March 3.

His father pursued the creature and hit it with his exposed hands, a hunt and rescue official said.

Local people who resides there found the six-meter crocodile on Thursday, March 4, and cut it open, the Australian Associated Press reports.

In upsetting film, salvage laborers pulled the body from the crocodile’s stomach as the casualty’s family looked on and sobbed.

Resident cutting the stomach of the crocodile

The salvage official said the waterway is known to be a crocodile natural surroundings.

In 2018, Indonesian residents outfitted with blades, sledges and clubs butchered 292 crocodiles in retribution for the demise of a man murdered by a crocodile at a rearing homestead, Reuters revealed.

Photos delivered by Antara news office showed bloodied cadavers of the crocodiles in an enormous heap in the Sorong area of the eastern Indonesian territory of West Papua.

The top of Indonesia’s Natural Resources Conservation Agency in West Papua said that the 48-year-old casualty had entered the crocodile ranch and was likely picking grass for animal feed when he was assaulted.

An employee heard someone screaming for help, he quickly went there and saw a crocodile attacking someone,” Basar Manullang said in a proclamation.

After the internment of the man, residents entered the homestead and murdered every one of the crocodiles, said Manullang.

Manullang said the homestead had been given a permit to raise ensured saltwater and New Guinea crocodiles in 2013 for protection and furthermore to reap a portion of the creatures.

In any case, one of the conditions was that the reptiles didn’t upset the local area, he said.

“To prevent this from happening again, farming license holders need to secure surrounding areas,” Manullang clarified.

He said his organization was planning with police in their examination.

“Crocodiles are God’s creatures that need to be protected too,” Manullang added.