Dcee's "Walakolombo" Is Currently Trending On Tiktok

You probably have one and only one TikTok music stuck in your head right now. It’s insanely catchy, everyone is using it, and to be honest, I don’t mind if it keeps playing in my head since it’s a bop. “You dey walakolombo, oh baby “walakolombo,” and I’m smitten,”.

Just recently, the song “Walakolombo” caused a stir on TikTok.

So, whence did the audio from TikTok originate? And where can I listen to the original music over and over?



The new song is by D’cee, a fast-rising music performer who is currently regarded as one of Nigeria’s most promising acts, and it was produced by the unexplained fingers of producer Genesis Vibes, who produced the single “Walakolombo,” which has become the most talked-about song on the internet.

TikTok has evolved into a platform where songs, artists, and TikTokers can all find a new purpose.

The song “Walakolombo” has provided everyone and every medium a reason to claim new fame and records.

Hundreds of videos have been made to the tune of the song, which has gone viral.

Given that #walakolombo is still one of the most popular sounds on TikTok, it’s no surprise that it’s causing a stir across Nigeria.

“Can you tell me about the ‘Walakolombo’ TikTok?”

@khloes_gram, a TikTok user, was the first to upload the song “Walakolombo.”

D’cee (@Fineboy Dcee) sings the original song, which was produced by Genesis Vibes.

The song “Walakolombo” is about a young man who has fallen in love with a girl but is unsure if the feeling is reciprocated.

With Dcee’s wonderful serenade, it perfectly expresses how his lover’s mind changes day by day, putting him in a love dilemma. Today it’s all true love and the next day, she is all about the money. Behaving in a materialistic manner.

TikTokers have used the lyrics to explain the reality of something that the rest of the world is unaware of.

Meanwhile, the bulk of people have usually danced to the song’s unique beats and lyrics.

The majority of TikTokers, from verified TikTokers to TikTokers seeking for a good time, have chosen to make a video for this song.

I dare you to watch these and not dance along.