Fiorentino Perez wants Real Madrid to leave the Last Liga

Fiorentino Perez wants Real Madrid to leave the Last Liga

Real Madrid wants to leave the Spanish topflight La Liga as reports say the club president is disappointed with the class

Florentino Perez isn’t content with La Liga president Javier Tebas because of a concurrence with investment fund CVC

Presently Real Madrid are now taking a gander at an alternative to move to the Premier League for their homegrown rivalry

Spanish monsters Real Madrid taking underground actions to leave the La Liga for another contest and the English Premier League is their favored choice, SPORTbible reports.

Los Blancos are Spain’s best club having won the La Liga multiple times, compared to Rivals Barcelona and Atletico Madrid who have won it 26 and 11 times individually.

Reports anyway guarantee that the Santiago Bernabeu outfit are not content with the class and leader of La Liga Javier Tebas because of a disagreement with investment fund CVC.

It was accumulated that CVC are coming into the Spanish topflight to secure a lump of the whole La Liga.

Tebas who was a steadfast resistance to the European Super League had effectively irritated Los Blancos president

The connection between the Real Madrid president Florentino Perez and the association is currently at an unsurpassed low as indicated by Mundo Deportivo.

Real Madrid are currently searching for choices as they look for another league abroad for their domestic competition concurring to AS.

Additionally it was gathered that Premier League is the preferred alternative of Perez perhaps because of the immense amount the teams in England make in television revenue compared to those in Spain.

Although the English topflight remains the main target, the Real Madrid president is by reports thinking of considering the Serie A and Bundesliga too.

Mundo Deportivo included the report that the move “would send shockwaves resonating around the world, yet as per club bosses, there are convincing contentions for considering it truly.

“The move would send shockwaves reverberating around the world, but according to club chiefs, there are compelling arguments in favour of considering it very seriously.”

The report adds that Brexit could be the most serious obstacle to the move occurring, although the most concerning issue is likely the entire thought of Real moving England.