Drug Lord: Hausa, audio, and video versions of Hundeyin's exposé of Tinubu

Drug Lord: Hundeyin’s Exposé On Tinubu Gets Hausa, Audio, Video Versions

A Twitter handle by the name of Weyinmi has made an audio and video version of a Nigerian investigative journalist David Hundeyin’s expose on Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his activity from a drug lord to becoming a presidential candidate.

Weyinmi tweeted “I was successful in reading the article aloud.

NB: The article is 35 minutes long; try reading it yourself because it contains many images and videos that I didn’t mention. You must not miss this thoughtful body of work.

I was unable to use my preferred audio format due to the duration. I ask for your patience.

David Hundeyin should receive all the credit instead of me. Only out loud did I read it.

David Hundeyin also appreciated her effort with a tweet

Drug Lord: Hausa, audio, and video versions of Hundeyin's exposé of Tinubu

On a side note, I was quite out of breath, but it was worthwhile.

Access my Google Drive as well. in case the link above is broken.

I’m appreciative that @zonicast and @kenkabulli turned my audio into a video. The exposé by David Huneyin on Bola Ahmed Tinubu is now available in video format. To view the video, click the provided link. It’s a fantastic watch.

A recent update has made the David Huneyin exposé on Tinubu accessible on Soundcloud.

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The essay by David Hundeyin titled Tinubu: from Drug Lord to Presidential Candidate is now available in Hausa. A big thank you to Sofeme Alfred for creating this. Thank you for rt.

The video is now available on YouTube.

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