Recently in an interview with James Corden, Anthony Mackie explained why he couldn’t be Captain America.

The American actor from Orleans Anthony Mackie replies the question that everyone is asking.

On Tuesday, Jan. 19, the Avenger Endgame  star addressed the growing hearsays contending he’s set to become the next Captain America .

“You need to know about this,” began host James Corden. “Everybody online is saying you’re the new Captain America and I think you are. I think it’s you.”

At initial, Mackie looked blankly into the screen before laughing and clarifying, “The thing is, if you watch [Avengers] End Game, at the end of the movie Sam Wilson never accepts the shield. He actually tells Cap that the shield is for him and it doesn’t feel right on his arm.”

The 8 Mile actor continued, “If you look at, like, you know—Marvel is great at building characters over the course of many films. and from Winter Soldier to now, my whole goal in the Marvel Universe was to help Cap, was to be Cap’s friend. So, at no point in time in End Game did Sam Wilson accept the shield at all. As a matter of fact, it made him happy to come back from time and stand once again at Cap’s side.”

A possible story, Mackie, but Corden also rationed his theory of that very important scene being “where the series kicks off,” and promptly added, “This is based on nothing, I should say.” 

Corden continued, “I think—this is my own theory—it kicks off with you being like, ‘Oh, I can’t do it, I can’t do it,’ and by the end of episode one, bang! He’s got the shield and we’re off to the races.”

And while this is also a reasonable theory, the actor made a powerful point about their “not one paparazzi” having a photo of him in the Captain America costume

Corden also had an answer for this, “It’s the last scene of the season, and that’s why they haven’t got it because the last thing is you put the thing on, the suit on, and you’re inside, interior, and you go, ‘I’m ready. I’ll do it.'”