The restaurant was preferring to be where love could blossom and Sylthea was trusting that she would discover love over supper.

While her date didn’t actually have the sentimental sparkles, it was her ever-enduring excellence that caused waves with watchers, who took to online media to applaud her for her attractive features.

Prior to taking off for her date, monetary examiner Sylthea talked in the journal room and said she was searching for a man who was feeling settled with his life.

So far nothing also groundbreaking except for when she said that she was 42 years of age, web-based media was lit as watchers shared their mistrust, saying that she took a gander at any rate ten years more youthful.

Many couldn’t believe she was in her 40s, with one writing on Twitter : “Sylthea looks fab for 42! #FirstDates”

Her 49-year-old date, Dave, had said that he was looking for “an independent, strong woman” saying that this “is a good thing to have.”

Sylthea said that she is looking for a certain something but knows there are limitations: “It doesn’t have to be perfect, there’s no such thing as perfect. But I also know what I want.”

Restaurant maitre d’ Fred Sirieix was instantly taken with Sylthea, remarking on her arrival: “You’re ready to kill!”

With the appearance of Dave, they had a beverage at the bar prior to being situated at a table and the couple were before long becoming friends and discovering discussion agreeable.

Sylthea And Dave Decided To Remain Friends

Steak and chips were the thing to address and as Dave talked about his five-year-old little girl, they understood that the had a similar family esteems.

Everything came a little unstuck when Dave unintentionally called Sylthea “Sonia“.

While the pair appeared to manage everything well, the friendzone appeared to be their objective.

Sylthea said: “He’s interesting and I like that, and he’s different.

“I wanted to probe more. I knew there was more behind Dave. He’s not written off, if you see what I mean.”

Speaking to Dave, Sylthea said: “I think that we can get on really well as friends.

A kiss on the cheek was enough to delight Dave and he celebrated, telling the camera: “See look I got a kiss in the end! There you go.”