Lifelong Burnley Fan, Neil Kirk, saw his reserve funds crash from more than £23,000 to simply £1,500 when betting giant Football Index collasped. Presently, as 30,000 others, he fears he’ll never get his cash back.

A huge number of football fans have seen their life reserve funds vanish since betting monster Football Index imploded into administration on March 11.

It’s sparked calls for a public enquiry into an outrage that is cost a few group each penny they own.

Around 30,000 individuals are believed to be influenced by company’s breakdown, recommending normal misfortunes of almost £3,000 each. For other people, it’s considerably more.

Grandad Neil Kirk, 63, first put resources into Football Index in 2019.

Fourteen days prior, when the betting realm clasped, his £23,000 reserve funds totally vanished.

“I first invested in Football Index just over two years ago,” Neil told The Mirror

“I had heard of it through general chit chat, but didn’t do anything until my son mentioned that he had put a small sum into it.”

He recalls being intrigued by the platform which promised “good money”.

“It sounded really impressive, I had a very good knowledge of football and players and the marketing blurb stressed this knowledge could make you money,” Neil, from Middleton, Leeds, said.

In 2019, Neil “dipped his toes in the water by investing £300”.

After this, he said it “quickly became addictive”.

“Initially, I picked a few very good youth players with good reputations and one or two proven players. Trent Alexander Arnold was one of them.

“While I did make a few losses at the start, I found the whole concept highly appealing. It was addictive.

“I had an excellent impression of the company. It talked of plans to expand and regularly gave bonuses,” he said. “The communication was spot on.”

Neil said despite Football Index being classed as a gambling site “very few who used it classed it as gambling”

“It was considered more of a massive investment vehicle. There was a forum where members spoke of the massive profits being made. It made you want to invest as much as possible in order to make more money,” he said.

He spoke of “whales” – people who were making vast amounts from their enormous investments.

Nail said: “Every day I would look at my account and sell and buy players. It took a little while to really get the hang of things, but once you did, profits began to roll in, although at the beginning, I did make some losses on players.”

Neil said he invested in big name players such as Messi, Ronaldo, Haaland, Kane, De Bruyne, Sterling and others.

What is Football Index?

Football Index is a betting platform that utilizes the financial exchange model to permit avid supporters to put resources into players.

It was set up in 2015, welcoming willing individuals from people in general to purchase fanciful “shares” in footballers with remunerations – as “profits” – paid out dependent on player execution continuously.

The firm brings in cash by “stamping” shares and charging a 2% commission on purchasing and selling on its foundation. It has around a large portion of 1,000,000 enlisted ‘merchants’ – a considerable lot of whom are common individuals from the general population