Harry Maguire, Manchester United's captain, Breaks His Silence On The Terrorist Bomb Threat

Harry Maguire has spoken up about the terrifying experience of being the target of a bomb threat directed at him and his family.

When police investigated suspicions of a bomb threat at his house in Cheshire in April, Manchester United captain Maguire was targeted.

Despite the fact that authorities eventually certified it safe after a thorough examination, Maguire was left “very disturbed” by the encounter.

The United defender claims he is open to criticism from fans, but that a “line” was crossed on that particular day.

“Obviously I’m in a position where I’m going to be criticized,” Maguire said. “Manchester United paid a large sum of money for me, it is one of the most loved clubs in the world, and it is also one of the most hated clubs in the world,” he added. Maguire joined Manchester United for £80 million from Leicester in 2019.

“We’re well aware that we’re being scrutinized the most. I’m big enough to accept people patting me on the back and telling me I can better when we concede goals or make mistakes.

“I have a family, and there is a line where we are human beings.” People wonder if it has an impact on me. My attitude is that it doesn’t bother me too much, but when it comes to bomb threats, it’s all about the family.

“My fiancée Fern, I’m just glad my children are at an age where they don’t read or watch the news. When my children are older and can witness things and go to school where people are talking about it, it has a greater impact on them.”

Maguire is now on England duty, preparing for the forthcoming Nations League games against Hungary and Germany with Gareth Southgate’s team.

He might make his first appearance for the Three Lions since a portion of England fans booed him during a friendly against Ivory Coast in March.

After the match, Southgate called those supporters a “absolute farce,” and Maguire admits he was astonished by their reaction, given his consistent performances for England over the years.

“The England supporters have been fantastic with me since my debut, and I’ve had some incredible experiences.” I’ve been a part of some of the most important games. “I’ve been a part of some of the most important games in our country’s recent history,” Maguire continued.

“I have had fantastic experiences with the supporters on my journey from my debut five years ago to now, and I am not going to let a minority of, I don’t know how many it was, 10-20 individuals doing that in the Ivory Coast game ruin my connection with the England fans, no.”

“I guess I was more astonished than taking it all in; to be honest, I was a little stunned.” As I have stated, I’ve had a fantastic relationship with England supporters throughout my time with the club.

“I wouldn’t describe myself as wounded or upset. Obviously, I was aware that it may have impacted my family and friends, but I was astonished nonetheless.

“There were a lot of young boys on the team that day, a lot of young people in the stands, and a lot of youngsters watching who aspire to grow up and be an England footballer, so it’s heartbreaking to see.

“However, I’m sure there will be many more happy times ahead when England supporters express their love and support for their nation, because I’ve been an England fan in the past, I’ve been to the Euros and watched them in France, and I know how passionate and loving they are of their country.”