Great news for the movie-loving community, most particularly fans of Bollywood, Nollywood, and a good rom-com because you are about to enjoy and have the best three worlds in one as producer and director of highly anticipated Bollywood-Nigerian collaboration, “Namaste Wahala” has hinted.

Hamisha Daryani Ahuja, producer, and director of Namaste Wahala, took to her Instagram handle to report the BIG news pertaining our movie of the year in a post that indicated that the much-awaited movie will be released soon for the universe to see.

Highly anticipated Bollywood-Nigerian collaboration, “Namaste Wahala” to be released soon!

While Ahuja ‘s message does not detailed how this movie will be released to the world, we can only imagine that it will be through one of the major streaming platforms.
However, the streaming platform leveraged, there is no suspicion that the movie will attract a mass of viewers at a time like this when humanity wants hope and lots of light. Definitely a romantic comedy movie like Namaste Wahala which pledges to bring communities closer will do good for the world.