Evans Nyamboso is the most up to date mogul around after his head at office settled on a surge choice in terminating him over a misconception.

The guardian is as of now radiating in his new status in the wake of getting himself the million shilling reward after the organization bungled trying to excuse him from his work.

As indicated by TV47 advanced news media platform, the Kisumu based Labor court found that JSR Security Company failed in terminating the guardian from his work without applying fair treatment.


Accurate Gist From a poor watchman to a millionaire

The Chief Magistrate fined the organization an amount of 1 million to repay Evans Nyamboso who was unjustifiably excused after he documented a claim at the court.

Evans in his testimony says that he became sick at his work environment where he was guarding and mentioned to be conferred leave of absence to look for clinical attention.

His boss rather permitted him to proceed to the clinic just for the organization to rebel and excuse him on the affectation that he was caught sleeping while on duty. The judge in authority utilized a medical report conceded by a doctor to legitimize the 1,000,000 shilling fine.