Here and there a screen capture on your iPhone simply doesn’t exactly do the work.

There’s just such a lot, you can fit on the screen, so clients frequently wind up taking a screen capture, looking down, and taking another in an offer to catch all that they needed.

Yet, it turns out we’ve been doing it all off-base, as a TikTok client shared a tip that permits you to catch a whole website page in one go – and it’s ludicrously basic.

@Oldersistah transferred a video to show how it’s done, piling up more than 3.8 million views, as she captioned it: “I was today years old when I discovered you could screen capture a whole page, LOOK!!”


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Subsequent to screenshotting the highest point of an article containing a formula that will not fit on the screen in one go, she at that point opens the screen capture from the review that springs up.

At the top, there are two tabs marked ‘screen’ and ‘full page’ (which we some way or another never saw), with the second permitting you to look through the whole page and save it as a PDF.

Fortunately, it turns out we weren’t the only ones to miss this now incredibly clear component, as the video was immersed with a large number of remarks from watchers left similarly staggered.


A second stated: “I simply needed to tell you you’re really great individual on earth.”

A third answered: “MY LIFE HAS CHANGED.”

Furthermore, another additional: “OMG IT’S TRUEEE. Why! Was I not told this previously.”

One’s remark came with a caution: “Disclaimer: This only works on Safari, not on other web-browsing apps like Google , Chrome, Firefox, etc.”

Others were more shocked that countless individuals had missed the features, adding: Others were more surprised so many people had missed the feature, adding: “Ya’ll just realised this? Maybe I am smart after all.”

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